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Advanced Body Checking Clinic #1 (PD Day)

When:    April 3rd, 2020
Where:  Activa Arena
Time:     8:30am to 3:15pm
Cost:     $149.00


Holistic Hockey is excited to announce that we are conducting a 6 HOUR ON-ICE ADVANCED BODY-CHECKING CLINIC for any child born in 2007. There are breaks every 50 minutes for hydration and nutrition as well as time for lunch. This clinic is meant to teach children how to safely play this game – our goal is to have children walk into a rink and walk out of the rink. 


This camp will progress from the fundamentals of hitting, all the way up to high-paced, controlled game-like drills to have your child properly prepared for the 2020 tryout season plus any Spring Hockey tournaments that may have body checking.


This body checking clinic will focus on:
  • Proper Angles
  • Giving and taking a body check
  • Proper puck separation techniques
  • Taking away the hands to create puck separation
  • Using the boards correctly to help keep the player safe
  • Open Ice hitting techniques
  • Respecting the game and each player


IMPORTANT: What makes this body-checking clinic ADVANCED?

Your child will get to participate in small game situations that will have stoppages to teach all our participants how to approach game-like situations in the safest manner possible.  Our goal is to increase overall confidence, and keep your child safe during their upcoming hockey season. These camps will be capped for numbers and have sold out FOR THE LAST 6 YEARS! Register early so you don’t miss out on this great learning tool to help keep your child safe in the great game of hockey. Thanking you in advance for your support.


Advanced Body Checking Clinic #1 / PD Day


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