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Our Semi-Private Skates are designed to give a player specialized and individualized attention.  These sessions offer a low player to instructor ratio, which allows for our highly skilled instructors to focus on what's needed to get the desired results. 


Holistic Hockey will personally consult with the parent and child to customize their on-ice learning experience to ensure each session meets the on-going development needs and the player.


Our goal is to help you achieve results and take your overall game to the next level.  Reasons why you would choose semi-private skates:

  • To help your child understand and fully utilize their strengths and improve areas of weakness that may be holding them back

  • To achieve results more quickly

  • To help a child who is feeling discouraged

  • To build confidence

  • To receive individualized attention for full engagement and motivation

  • When your child works better in a small, more focused environment

  • When your goal is advancement and a higher level of play

Semi-Private Skates

  • Please contact us directly to discuss details, and we will provide the best options for your child.