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Hockey Advisor

Tyler Ertel

We Build an Environment of

Player & Parent

Support and Success!

Many of our young athletes have a dream of playing at the highest level.  To achieve this exciting goal, you need to know how to navigate the complex hockey world.  This can feel overwhelming and stressful, but knowing you have an expert guiding, networking, promoting and creating opportunities for you and your child, can put 

you in the best possible position for success. 


Our goal is to provide proper planning, connections, strategies, training, networking, and honest assessments while sharing our expertise with all levels of junior hockey and with Canadian and American Universities. 


Tyler has spent over 23 years as a professional educator in the school system and over 25 years coaching and mentoring young aspiring athletes.  He is also a hockey parent and has successfully navigated his own children's hockey careers in both the NCAA and OHL directions.

Tyler has helped hundreds achieve their dream of playing professional hockey.


His passion is helping every child to reach their potential in life and in sport.


His strength is evaluating the right doors of opportunity based on skill, needs and goals -

and creating the winning

plan to get you there!

Ice Hockey Stick and Puck

Player and Parent Support

$750 for 6 months

(HST Included)

Tyler will work closely with you and your child's individual needs and provide an honest assessment of where you are at, all of the options available,

and what needs to happen in order to achieve your goals. 

He will provide success in steps and help you implement a 6-month plan.  In addition, there will be ongoing support throughout by Tyler - assessing,

educating, guiding, mentoring, networking and advancing

to help get you the results that are in your best interest.


Player and Parent Support

$1500 for 1 year

(HST Included)

Our most comprehensive package involves creating and executing a well-thought-through plan of action, based on skill assessment, and what's needed to achieve desired results and your goals. 


Tyler has connections with the best in the industry and in addition to what's offered in the 6-month plan, and ongoing mentoring and support for 12 months, he will also cover areas such as:   elite training opportunities both on and off the ice, high-level sports nutrition references, mental conditioning, hockey agent referral, junior hockey road-map, NCAA eligibility and negotiations, prep hockey opportunities

and much more. 


You will also have the first priority to register for all training and development opportunities offered through Holistic Hockey.

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